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April 27th, 2012

Driving games come in one of two forms, typically: The traditional (or, semi-traditional) racing game where you are either a professional competitive racer (a la Gran Turismo) or a street racer (a la Need for Speed), or… A battle-style racer...
February 13th, 2012

Why don’t video games ever include actual espionage? They’re either like the James Bond games–which are always completely action-oriented–or like the Splinter Cell and Metal Gear games–which may be a bit closer to actual espionage, but...
February 10th, 2012

Over the past few years, many NES games have made a comeback with re-releases on the Wii’s Virtual Console. Now, when I say comeback, I mean "I have five dollars, I’m bored, I’m gonna buy Milon’s Secret Castle." Then, two days later when...
December 2nd, 2011

When you think of the top genres in the video game industry today, does the vehicular combat genre cross your mind? The answer is probably “no.” Why? Well, over the last decade this genre sort of stayed under the radar. Only a minority of...
November 7th, 2011

Back in the day, while I was stuck in GameCube land, my best friend was helping me migrate to the magical land of Microsoft. He would buy up cheap, unknown games, and Jet Set Radio Future remains the best of his collection. I haven't played it...
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