The Grown-Up Geek

November 12th, 2015

It wasn't entirely unpleasant. We're not a hard crowd to please, honest. It's just that our first two books didn't turn out to be as good as we hoped, seeing as the authors have done work that we've previously enjoyed. We can't recommend that you...
November 6th, 2015

Processed meats put you with cancer. Hey, not all these titles can be winners. This week's podcast is a little late due to the spooky weekend festivities, but we're committed to get a podcast out there, no matter how unprepared we are with the...
October 26th, 2015

Can you check out this mole please? We cover a lot of topics here at The Grown-Up Geek. If you're a lover of roadways, highways, byways, and other ways, then get pumped for our trans-Eurasian highway talk. We also cover some other small topics...
October 7th, 2015

  Phub Master Phlex. Are you a phubber? Have you been phubbed? Are you phubbing someone right now while looking at this podcast on your phone? If you or a loved one is a victim of phubbing, you or your family may be entitled to financial...
October 1st, 2015

When this boy meets book. There's no reason you shouldn't listen to this first episode of our new book club podcast, Spine Breakers! You know you should be reading more books, and you know you want to hear our opinions on a new book each month....
September 21st, 2015

Living with chairs in the Antarctic. Jason is back, but he's broadcasting from a distant, lonely land, but at least his audio finally sounds nice! There's a lot of talking going on in this week's podcast, so why don't you get to listening? Insert...
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